Tips to dress up your little girl for the party and to get the best photo-shoot

Is it some party approaching near and you are freaking out as you have not yet decided how you are going to dress up your little princess? Are you looking for something extraordinary that would make your super special kid look more charming than everyone else in there? If so, then here we are to tell you the tips that will help you pick the best dress for your little girl.

Little girl dress for first birthday
Little girl dress for first birthday
  1. Know what you want

The first and the foremost thing you need to pay attention to is to set the goal and be firm on it that what you want to have for the baby. If you are finding it difficult to decide what type of dress you want for the girl, then here we are to tell you the options. Do not forget to also read about our safety tips for children’s dresses.

  • Character-based outfit

This kind of gear excites the children and the parents equally. You can choose from a huge list of characters to get the outfit for. On the priority get the outfit of the character that your little girl is looking FORWARD to. Being in her Favorite character’s outfit is something that would make her happy, and her happiness is all that you want. If the baby dress for birthday that your little one picks up is a very common one than you can go for something different and convince her for that. You can pick from the Disney princesses, frozen characters, little mermaid, Minnie Mouse, etc.

  • Tutu dresses

The tutu dresses for the little girls can always save your day to get the get the best look for your baby girl. The tutu dresses come in almost every color so you can pick the one based on the theme of the party you are going for.

  • Customized or handmade dresses

Getting a special dress ready for your little girl for the party approach is going to be the most sincere gesture from you. You can customize the dress for her and get it made from some store or you could handmade it and make it heavenly for your daughter. Whatever be the case, make sure you choose what makes her happy.

  1. Dress her up according to the occasion

The details of the dresses we have discussed in the previous passage can go on a lot of occasions. Generally, your child can wear these dresses to any party. The party could be a birthday party, either her own or of someone else, to the Christmas party, baptism party, graduation party, family gets together and wedding parties equally. But if you are planning a picnic after the party, do not taker her in this dress, put a simple and easy one for the outdoors and take it along. Some foreign websites are useful for mothers who wish to get different and beautiful children’s dresses. These manufacturers have small craft workshops and produce dresses manually with natural fabrics. An example is the Ana Giovanna store in Brazil. They ship to all of America, Europe and Asia. They have exclusive dresses – you can find the site here – and if you want to learn a little Portuguese, they say ‘vestido de festa infantil‘ when they talk about children’s party dresses.

Baby girl dress for party
Baby girl dress for party
  1. Accessorize her well

The outfits of the girls are nearly incomplete without the accessories to complement them. According to the age of your girl, you can get the accessories for her. For the baby girls, only the headbands and shoes are sufficient. For little older girls, you can make use of fancy bracelets as well. Usually, a cute purse kind of thing makes the little one create a good impression.

  1. Capture her well

The most important part of the party is the photo shoot and you must know how and when to take the photos of your child to make her look best. You have several options to shoot the baby, and we have discussed them below so either all or whichever becomes possible for you, you get them done and save for the rest of your life.

  • Shoot with the parents and siblings

Now that your girl is all dressed up and ready for the party, so are you and your partner. This is the best time to take some ideas shots while you all are looking fresh and ready. The poses with the parents should be based on pure emotions, the laughs should be real, the hugs should be heartfelt, and the smiles should come from deep inside. Then shoot the kid with other siblings, if she has them, this will create a dramatic bonding between them for the party as well.

  • Shoot with the pet

If you have got a pet at home that is friendly with the child, then you should go for the shoot of the two as well. This is going to create a very precious piece of memory for your child. On the similar note, you can shoot the kid with some favorite toys to preserve the memory. When the kids grow up, they just love to have the pictures of their children with such memories.

  • Pick the poses and the ransoms’ equally

Searching for some lovely poses on the internet for the child’s photo shoot is a fun job. You can get as many of them according to the child’s age as possible, but you still have to find the real love in the random ones. You will see that the pictures taken randomly are the most charming ones and the details in the background are always fascinating.

  • Do not forget the natural daylight

Instead of relying on the artificial lights, do prefer the sunlight at daytime as the pictures taken in the natural sunlight have no parallel. Try going out in the outdoors with the kid to take some extraordinary pictures. You are the master of your talent with the camera, and you can capture every single detail that you wish for with ease. You know you kid’s moods and the best time to take their pictures.

So follow the tips we have given you for the perfect baby dress for first birthday pick up for your little girl and take the ever best photos of hers that would serve as an asset not only for you but your little girl in future. Let the artist inside you get free and enjoy every moment with your child as the childhood once gone, never returns.