Bicycle Stitchery Designs!

The Bicycle stitchery patterns have been recently added to the embroidery set. And it looks very creative when embroidered on the cushion covers, dresses, etc. Lot of different bicycle patterns can be constructed using different types of embroideries. Loop stitches, running stitch, filled stitches, etc. are used to create different stitchery designs. It can be hand embroidered as well as computer embroidery can also be done to create bicycle patterns. Bicycles can also be created in a number of styles like bicycle spilling blooms from the basket, racer bicycles, etc.

While doing hand embroidery, bicycle stitches are created using a wooden frame around and with the help of embroidery needles and anchor threads. With bicycle stitchery designs a lot of articles can be created. Small running stitches add to the beauty of the style. So once the outline is constructed, then the design can be filled with French knots, herring bones, stem stitches, cross stitches, in order to give exclusive highlights to the design. These designs can not only be embroidered but can also be done with a simple needle stitch with just a border outline. The output is a perfect, simple, delicate and an elite design.