The Right Clothes For Your Body Type

Clothes are there to cover our bodies, to flatter our bodies, and to improve our looks. Therefore, it is prudent always to be aware of out types of bodies and choose the right clothes for our body types to avoid blunders. You can use these tips to ensure that you always go for the right clothes for you.

  1. Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is a fascinating shape because there is a great balance in of your upper body and lower body. Your best features are your hips and your bust. Therefore, always go for clothes that will bring attention to your waist by hugging it. By this, your hips and your busy will be perfectly highlighted. Avoid baggy clothes that will hide your figure. Wrap dresses, high waist skirts, pencil skirts, and v-neck dresses and tops will do magic.

  1. Pear-Shaped Body

With this shape, it will be best to add more volume to your shoulders and the upper body while at the same time attracting attention to your waist because your waist is well defined. Dresses and tops with boat necks, square necks, and cowl necklines will do the magic. Strapless dresses will bring more attention to your shoulders.  Go for skirts with A-lines and pants that are tailored over pencil skirts and tight trousers. The whole purpose is to accentuate your shoulders and create an illusion of balance.

  1. Apple Shape

This is where one has a broader upper body and a narrow lover body. Therefore, always go for clothes that will highlight your best features. Avoid skinny jeans, tight pants, and straight leg pants. Layered tops will work best for this body type. If you must accessorize with a belt on your upper body, do not wear it around your waist but right under your bust. Your tops should always reach below your hips. Your tops should have V-necks as well as dresses. Avoid square necks, boat neckline, and spaghetti straps.

  1. Rectangle Body Shape

This body type is when the shoulders, waist, and hips seem to have the same width. Therefore, the best features to flaunt are your arms and legs. Sweetheart tops and scoop necks will be great on you. Always go for clothes with a peplum design since they will create an illusion that you have an hourglass shape.  The length of your tops should go to the midpoint of your hips. Empire dresses and wrap dresses will be a brilliant choice. Tops that are detailed with ruffles and the like will bring attention to your chest and flatter it. Wear a great and supportive bra to flatter your breasts.

Dressing your body type is one way to ensure that you look enchanting. When everything is flowing, and all your great features are highlighted, the whole purpose of dressing up is achieved which is looking like a million dollars.