Not to ignore safety issues for girls birthday party dresses

Parenting is a full-time job and a very challenging one as well. You have to work hard with the kids while not getting a chance to lay down. You have to take care of everything for them as being a parent you want your kid to be on the top in every field. Your little ones are your breath and your life so why not be concerned to get the best for them.

What are the options for dressing girls up for the party?

When we talk about getting the best for our kids, the same goes for the kids clothing. As parents we want our kids to dress the best way, so they look best and stand out where ever they go. Having a party drawing near could get you crazy for picking the most amazing dress for your girl. There are so many things you can go for with the girls. You can go picking some Disney princess dress to make your girl feel like an actual princess, you can go for the fairy dresses with a tiara on head and feathers on back, you can get them some really nice one-piece dresses to make them look elegant and even you can pick some gowns for them if you wish. There are tail gowns, gowns with short jackets on top, the mermaid gowns and a lot of others that you can pick from to grace a birthday party and make your kid the head turner one. In other countries, children’s fashion for girls have some attractive options. The cost of freight is not expensive and the deadlines in general are fast. We highlight the Brazilian blog ‘Vestidos Infantis’ which presents excellent content on the theme and do an incredible job, selecting beautiful dresses for the baby’s party – in Brazil they say: ‘vestido de festa para bebe‘.

What care should be taken before we get to dress our girls?

Although the task of selecting the right clothes for your girl is a tiring one, it too comes with a huge responsibility as well. You have to pay attention to several factors to make sure that your child is comfortable in the dress and is safe. Yes, there are safety issues concerned with the children dresses too which are often neglected by the parents when they buy such clothes.

Why is it necessary to take care of the safety issues?

When it’s your child, isn’t his safety the first thing you have to consider? Just like the way we want our kids to stay away from harmful objects, it is important to keep them away from the harmful clothes as well. Not that they clothes themselves pose a threat to your child’s safety, it is the situations that the kids get into and make a mess of themselves. To alert you about buying such clothing, we have written this articles.

So what to do to avoid such situations?

Since your child’s safety is your top priority, therefore, it is important to learn that the US government has set some regulations for the safety of the children. You should know what these concerns are and must check whether the clothes you are buying follow the regulations settled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can always ask the shop owners to show you the certification if you find it doubtful. We have not heard of any injuries or deaths linked to the safety issues of the children clothes but tragedies have been reported, and we would like to alert you for that.

Which safety issues should be kept in mind?

Here we are discussing the factors that significantly affect the reliability of the clothes, and if they follow the regulations, you are bound to get clothes that help.

  • Flammability

Flammability of the sleepwear is the most important factor to consider when you are out to buy pajamas for your kids. The sleepwear has to be flame resistant so that there is no chance of getting fire or burnt up for the kid while they sleep. Most of the cases that get to the hospitals for the fire caught children happen due to wearing the sleepwear that is highly flammable. You never know when an emergency can occur so make sure to buy the clothes that come with the tag saying inflammable. You can find a label saying flame resistant or snug fitting to check the flammability of the cloth.

  • Drawstrings

The drawstrings pose a severe threat when they are dangling from the neck area of certain jacket and hoodies. The hanging strings can cling to any place while the kids are playing and can easily strangle the child. Therefore make sure that the clothes you buy have no such strings and if they have, make sure to obliterate them. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has completely banned the drawstrings from the children dresses.

  • Choking hazards

Although the beads and the buttons look very beautiful on the kids’ clothes, they too are a threat to child safety as they can pose a choking hazard. The children above 4 are sensible enough not to put these things in their mouth, but the younger kids could give you a challenge with these added accessories. So make sure not to get such clothes that have these things on them.

  • Lead in paints

The fabric paints often contain a good amount of lead in them that can lead to the serious health issues for your child. Therefore try to avoid these clothes as well and train your children not to chew or suck on the fabric paints as they could prove harmful to them.

There are several other limitations in the way of safety for the children. It is best to pay attention to every single detail and learn how to avoid them. The shoe laces also pose a threat as the drawstrings, and the kids could fall off due to the shoelaces as well. The zippers on the small kids’ dresses for parties are also uncomfortable and can give them minor injuries. When you look at the safety issues, you learn that as the kid matures, the concerns start fading for him themselves. So your kids can enjoy these dresses when he grows up. Let’s keep their safety, of major concern.