5 Shirt Tricks Men Probably Don’t Know

There are some mistakes that men make when wearing shirts that they are probably not aware because they have done it for so long and many more people do the same every day. Even so, these five tricks will help you avoid these mistakes and dress like a pro.

Do Not Wear A White Under Shirt With A White Dress Shirt

This is a mistake that many people make without noticing, and they end up having a ‘see through’ look. A white undershirt with a white dress shirt can easily amplify the visibility of the undershirt, and one can trace out the undershirt from a distance. However, choosing a gray color means that everything will blend perfectly well. This is especially the balance between the undershirt and your skin tone.

Pull The Cuff To Your Elbow And Fold The Sleeve Over It


When you are attempting to roll up your sleeves, take your time and do it like a pro. You want a neat and sleek finish and not a sleeve roll that looks as though you are about to go to the farm. Grab your cuffs and pull them over the sleeves up to your elbow joint. Grab the hanging sleeve and fold it over the cuffs then smoothen the look with your hand to make sure the fabric is well spread around your arm to make it neater.

Do Not Shove Your Shirt Into Your Pants

Take some time to properly tuck your shirt. In as much as you may be in a hurry, never shove your shirt into your pants. Rather, hold the sides and fold it back along the seams on the side. By folding it, you reduce the chances of having extra fabric gathering over your pants after tucking in the shirt. This will result in a neater look and make the shirt look as though it fits properly when in actual sense, it is a bit wide.

Shirts With Longer Curve Tails Are For Tucking, Flat Bottoms Are Better Left Untucked

Anytime you spot an excellent dress shirt that has a slightly longer curve tails; they are not to be worn when untucked. Yes, you can wear dress shirt untucked but most people like the other option. Even so, curved shirt tails will always require that you tuck them to get that sleek, neat, and elegant look. When it comes to shirts with flat bottoms, the best way to wear it is untucked. Since it is not structured to flow easily when tucked, it may form bumps which are what you do not want.

Turn A Shirt Collar Into A Band Collar

This is the perfect trick to turn that shirt that you think is outdated into a shirt that is more attractive, amazing, and stylish. Shirts with collar bands have this exquisite look, and they can easily flatter your neckline and improve your general look. This is also a great trick to reinvent those many shirts lying in your closet untouched and unused. These shirts will find better purposes like going with them to certain semi-official functions and also unofficial ones.

Now that you know these tricks make sure that you spread the good news to help as many people as we can. Some mistakes have to be stopped and some improvements made.