Beginner's Quilt Patterns

Most of us probably can’t whip up a quilt pattern we’ve envisioned in our heads the way experienced quilters may be able to do. But keep in mind that experienced quilters were once beginners who had to learn the basics too. Fortunately, there are a lot of good quilting patterns out there that will successful guide beginners through the quilting process.

So what should beginning quilters look for in a pattern? While good design is always important, concentrate on patterns that offer the following features:

Clearly and accurately identifies all necessary materials and tools.

Includes or provides information on easy-to-access construction techniques.

Logical, step-by-step, easy-to-read and follow instructions (look, or ask for “Beginner Quilt Patterns”).

As you examine the pattern instructions, if you can confidently envision yourself making the quilt, then it’s probably a good fit for you. When you’re just starting out, try not to pick out patterns that are too ambitious to avoid discouragement.

Make quilts that require fewer pieces and blocks, call for easy seams,  need less prep work and pressing and provide a larger margin for error (less accuracy needed). You might consider trying a panel quilt or a simple Nine Patch quilt, consisting of three rows of three squares (generally in a checker board pattern with alternating dark and light squares), then work towards more difficult patterns from there.

If you’re worried that your finished project won’t look good because it’s a “beginner’s quilt”, let us reassure you that “beginner” does not equal plain and unattractive. There are many beginner quilt patterns that feature beautiful geometric designs and appliqué. The important thing is to choose patterns that can successfully guide you through the quilting process with clear, easy-to-follow instructions so you can take your time and enjoy the learning process.

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