How to shop for clothes effectively

Shopping is one of the most enjoyed activities in our life. Shopping for clothes is definitely a top necessity in our day to day life. But it is very important to take right precautions while shopping. If you splurge too much it is bound to become a burden to your pocket.

Here are some major tips to keep your shopping effective!

Prioritize your choice of brands

You must pick the best choice for yourself from the thousands of available clothing brands. You might have to pick different brands for different types of clothes. The brand from which you shop for office wear might not necessarily have the best range of party wears as well. Keep this basic point in mind and look for the right brand.

Look through the Size chart

The next important step or thing to do while shopping is to look for the standard size chart of the brands you have chose. This will help you to easily grab the right choice before going for a trial.
You can estimate and take the nearest size for trial. Doing this will save a lot of time for you.

Set a budget and time frame

Never go shopping without having an approximate budget in your mind. Unless you know how much money you can allot to different types of clothes, you might end up splurging too much. It is always better to take precautions than to regret. Time is a very important resource for all of us. No matter how much we enjoy shopping, it should not affect our other activities. Therefore choose the right time of the week for you to go shopping and spend pre decided number of hours there.

Maintain a balance

We all definitely have a soft corner for party wears or those short dresses. But it is very important to strike a balance between all the types of clothes while you shop. To make this happen you can categorize the clothes that you use generally. Among them decide which ones do you use the most. This will help you to strike the right balance.

Do not get emotional

This might seem a bit weird but you need to take care of this. Many studies have revealed the money we spend on shopping is affected by our mood. It is better to refrain from shopping when you are feeling depressed, sad or overly happy. There are high chances of you shopping limitless in these conditions and regret the same later.

How often will I wear this?

Last but not the least, you must ask yourself this very important question before purchasing any apparel. It is waste to invest a lot of money on something that you will hardly wear one or two times. Therefore be wise in making your choice. Make best use of all your clothes.

Hope these tips will come handy for you during your next shopping session. Stay tuned at this place for more informational and exciting updates!

Top 10 Shopping Tips!

Who doesn’t love shopping?
If you are a “shop till I drop” kind of a person then this article is a must read for you. Read along to become a smart shopper!

Online shopping

Online shopping or e-commerce has revolutionised our lives to a great extent. You must definitely get your hands on the advantages it has to offer. Look for the products on at least 2-3 shopping sites before making a purchase.

Weekday shopping

Most of the shopping areas will be filled with people during weekends. Especially if you are going to street markets you will not be able to bargain in the rush. That is the reason you must try to allocate some time on weekdays for shopping.

Key to best Jewellery shopping

The most important tip here is to look for discounts on wastage and making charges during festival seasons. Compare the making charges of various jewellery lines.

Finalise a budget

Try to make a note on your phone about the budget you can allot to a given shopping session. Set your priorities before going to the shop. Keep a balance in the amount you allot to all the categories in your list. Stay rigid with the budget you have allotted.

What’s in the trend

Most of us try to follow a certain celebrity or what is trending in the market. But we should also cross check if a certain style will suit a given occasion, our body type and also our comfort level in carrying it. The main drawback of going by the latest trend is that it is very dynamic.

Is the “sale” worth it?

Most of us rush to a certain shop to grab the best from seasonal sales. These sales will save a certain sum to your pocket only when you shop carefully. We generally tend to buy more than our usual budget when we shop during a sale. Strictly beware of this.

Reviews and return policy

This tip is applicable only for online shopping. You will be able to find some realistic pictures and honest opinions from previous customers. Read well the exchange and return policy of the seller before purchasing anything. Every seller has their own exchange and return policy.

Never be lazy for a “trial”

You certainly know your size and preferences better than anyone else. But what easily slips our mind is that different brands follow different standardisation for sizes. This might create a big problem if you skip trials. Especially when you are buying clothes that can not be exchanged or returned.

Grocery shopping tip

Grocery shopping is inevitable for all of us. The best thing to do before going for grocery shopping is to check your pantry. Then make a list of everything you require. This will make your grocery shopping easy and enjoyable.

Pay in cash

This might seem very simple but it is equally effective. While you will have an eye on how much you are paying, you can also save on the credit card interests.

Hope these tips will improve your shopping experience to great extent. Until next time, happy shopping!

Bicycle Stitchery Designs!

The Bicycle stitchery patterns have been recently added to the embroidery set. And it looks very creative when embroidered on the cushion covers, dresses, etc. Lot of different bicycle patterns can be constructed using different types of embroideries. Loop stitches, running stitch, filled stitches, etc. are used to create different stitchery designs. It can be hand embroidered as well as computer embroidery can also be done to create bicycle patterns. Bicycles can also be created in a number of styles like bicycle spilling blooms from the basket, racer bicycles, etc.

While doing hand embroidery, bicycle stitches are created using a wooden frame around and with the help of embroidery needles and anchor threads. With bicycle stitchery designs a lot of articles can be created. Small running stitches add to the beauty of the style. So once the outline is constructed, then the design can be filled with French knots, herring bones, stem stitches, cross stitches, in order to give exclusive highlights to the design. These designs can not only be embroidered but can also be done with a simple needle stitch with just a border outline. The output is a perfect, simple, delicate and an elite design.