Eight Quick Fashion Tips For Men

Fashion can be very complex to a great extent and especially when viewed as something to be done with a certain group of people. It can also prove a challenge when you have never had a thought of trying it out. To make things easier, use these quick tips.

  1. Keep Your Wardrobe Simple

Too many colors in your wardrobe might just end up in color clashed dress code. For example, unless it is a costume of some sort; do not wear more than three colors together.  Make it so simple but very classy. Do not go overboard trying to look great. Simplicity is a trick that works.

  1. Logos On Your Clothes

Sometimes men want to identify with the most sought after label or cloth line, either as show off or a subtle advert of their selection. This is great and commendable but sometimes walking around with too big logos of your shirt makes you appear like a walking billboard. Lose such and go for something simpler with a smaller logo or just classy plain.

  1. Wear Fitting Clothes

Always get the correct size for your body and with the occasion in mind. Know your body shape and what suits and fits correctly. You should never come out of your house looking like a sick man who cannot walk properly simply because the clothing is too tight and vice versa.

  1. Have Staple Pieces

Having key pieces will help you look simply fashionable, year in year out, it is timeless. For instance, a simple white shirt and black pants are classy. A little accessory like a red tie makes it a wonder.

  1. Know Your Taste

Every week there is a type of fashion trend. Just because there are so many trends does not mean you ought to have all of them. Know who you are and what gets you confident and comfortable, from color, material to design. Stick to your working style, what you know.

  1. Go Shopping With Someone

At times some salespeople are just after money, so anything you want to buy and match is fine with them as long as you pay. Get someone with a fashion taste along with you who will be able to give you their honest thoughts on your choices.

  1. Be Above The Norm.

What is that function you are to attend? Take a little risk and be outstanding, try not to underdress in any setting. Have a picture of the event and pull a notch higher. Be noticed; it is not criminal.

  1. Invest In A Good Pair Of Shoes.

Your shoes are one of the accessories people quickly notice. Choose a superb pair, clean and classy to compliment your dress code. Never forget whenever you meet women, they first of all notice your shoes.


Fashion is not rocket science as long as you are willing and interested in playing around with the simple attires you have and even trying something unique. Fashion does not necessarily mean great clothe line names or new clothes but simply a unique trend which can be done by you. Those three shirt colors you own are enough to make you look fashionable at the snap of a finger.