The Right Clothes For Your Body Type

Clothes are there to cover our bodies, to flatter our bodies, and to improve our looks. Therefore, it is prudent always to be aware of out types of bodies and choose the right clothes for our body types to avoid blunders. You can use these tips to ensure that you always go for the right clothes for you.

  1. Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is a fascinating shape because there is a great balance in of your upper body and lower body. Your best features are your hips and your bust. Therefore, always go for clothes that will bring attention to your waist by hugging it. By this, your hips and your busy will be perfectly highlighted. Avoid baggy clothes that will hide your figure. Wrap dresses, high waist skirts, pencil skirts, and v-neck dresses and tops will do magic.

  1. Pear-Shaped Body

With this shape, it will be best to add more volume to your shoulders and the upper body while at the same time attracting attention to your waist because your waist is well defined. Dresses and tops with boat necks, square necks, and cowl necklines will do the magic. Strapless dresses will bring more attention to your shoulders.  Go for skirts with A-lines and pants that are tailored over pencil skirts and tight trousers. The whole purpose is to accentuate your shoulders and create an illusion of balance.

  1. Apple Shape

This is where one has a broader upper body and a narrow lover body. Therefore, always go for clothes that will highlight your best features. Avoid skinny jeans, tight pants, and straight leg pants. Layered tops will work best for this body type. If you must accessorize with a belt on your upper body, do not wear it around your waist but right under your bust. Your tops should always reach below your hips. Your tops should have V-necks as well as dresses. Avoid square necks, boat neckline, and spaghetti straps.

  1. Rectangle Body Shape

This body type is when the shoulders, waist, and hips seem to have the same width. Therefore, the best features to flaunt are your arms and legs. Sweetheart tops and scoop necks will be great on you. Always go for clothes with a peplum design since they will create an illusion that you have an hourglass shape.  The length of your tops should go to the midpoint of your hips. Empire dresses and wrap dresses will be a brilliant choice. Tops that are detailed with ruffles and the like will bring attention to your chest and flatter it. Wear a great and supportive bra to flatter your breasts.

Dressing your body type is one way to ensure that you look enchanting. When everything is flowing, and all your great features are highlighted, the whole purpose of dressing up is achieved which is looking like a million dollars.

Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Trends

Are you trying to catch up with the fashion trends for spring and summer? Well, here are some of the best trends that these seasons had for you.

  1. Sleeve Slits

While last year the fashion world was rocking flared sleeves, this year things have taken a turn, and it is all about slits on your sleeves. It is an excellent design that flatters your arms and brings attention to them.  Adding a gorgeous and exquisite bracelet will top the look.

  1. Super Bright

If you are not a fan of bright colors, then this season was not what you have dreamt of. Bright colors like blue, yellow, green, pink, red, and so on were a hit. All the colors popping made life to be brighter. It just lightens the mood.

  1. Bralettes

Bralettes can be worn over buttoned-up shirts, utilitarian dresses, and any other kind of cloth. It gives your look an edge as well as uniqueness. The bralettes come in different materials like leather as well as different designs like wrap-around styles and so on.

  1. Deconstructed Shirting

This is a sassy and edgy look that needs you to get it right. It is also a very sexy look that gets to expose your excellent features like shoulders and upper chest region. This is one trend that every girl needs to follow and keep doing it until something better comes up. Marquies’Almeida, Victoria Beckham, Jacquemus, and Alexander Wang should not be let down by us.

  1. Kitten Heels

The catwalk was crowded with these shoes thanks to the French trendsetters. I like them because they are convenient and very comfortable. You can get them in various designs and looks but if at the end of the day it is a kitten heel, follow the trend.

  1. Florals All The Way To The Bottom

This was a trend that was set in the United Kingdom. If you do not rock florals, then this trend is not for you. This is because everything you have on, from top to bottom and including shoes to a greater extent, should be floral prints.

  1. Single Shoulder Cutout

This is a perfect way to accentuate your shoulders. It helps to draw the attention of the looker to your upper body, and while they are at it, they will not fail to notice your arms. This adds a great flattering your overall look.

  1. Waist Cinchers

This is an amazing design and particularly for those with an hourglass body shape. It draws attention to your waist while highlighting your curves. It is also great for waist training.

  1. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are very popular, and they are highly acceptable all over the world. I do not think they will fail to appear on the runways every summer. They come in different fabrics and with different designs, but they have one thing in common. They are gorgeous for any day.

  1. Flash Dance Shoulder

This is also another way to draw attention to your upper body and particularly your shoulders. It is very edgy, stylish, and sassy.

These are just but a few but the most notable ones during these seasons. Never stop catching up on the set trends because it will transform your looks to conform to the trends too.

Eight Quick Fashion Tips For Men

Fashion can be very complex to a great extent and especially when viewed as something to be done with a certain group of people. It can also prove a challenge when you have never had a thought of trying it out. To make things easier, use these quick tips.

  1. Keep Your Wardrobe Simple

Too many colors in your wardrobe might just end up in color clashed dress code. For example, unless it is a costume of some sort; do not wear more than three colors together.  Make it so simple but very classy. Do not go overboard trying to look great. Simplicity is a trick that works.

  1. Logos On Your Clothes

Sometimes men want to identify with the most sought after label or cloth line, either as show off or a subtle advert of their selection. This is great and commendable but sometimes walking around with too big logos of your shirt makes you appear like a walking billboard. Lose such and go for something simpler with a smaller logo or just classy plain.

  1. Wear Fitting Clothes

Always get the correct size for your body and with the occasion in mind. Know your body shape and what suits and fits correctly. You should never come out of your house looking like a sick man who cannot walk properly simply because the clothing is too tight and vice versa.

  1. Have Staple Pieces

Having key pieces will help you look simply fashionable, year in year out, it is timeless. For instance, a simple white shirt and black pants are classy. A little accessory like a red tie makes it a wonder.

  1. Know Your Taste

Every week there is a type of fashion trend. Just because there are so many trends does not mean you ought to have all of them. Know who you are and what gets you confident and comfortable, from color, material to design. Stick to your working style, what you know.

  1. Go Shopping With Someone

At times some salespeople are just after money, so anything you want to buy and match is fine with them as long as you pay. Get someone with a fashion taste along with you who will be able to give you their honest thoughts on your choices.

  1. Be Above The Norm.

What is that function you are to attend? Take a little risk and be outstanding, try not to underdress in any setting. Have a picture of the event and pull a notch higher. Be noticed; it is not criminal.

  1. Invest In A Good Pair Of Shoes.

Your shoes are one of the accessories people quickly notice. Choose a superb pair, clean and classy to compliment your dress code. Never forget whenever you meet women, they first of all notice your shoes.


Fashion is not rocket science as long as you are willing and interested in playing around with the simple attires you have and even trying something unique. Fashion does not necessarily mean great clothe line names or new clothes but simply a unique trend which can be done by you. Those three shirt colors you own are enough to make you look fashionable at the snap of a finger.

5 Shirt Tricks Men Probably Don’t Know

There are some mistakes that men make when wearing shirts that they are probably not aware because they have done it for so long and many more people do the same every day. Even so, these five tricks will help you avoid these mistakes and dress like a pro.

Do Not Wear A White Under Shirt With A White Dress Shirt

This is a mistake that many people make without noticing, and they end up having a ‘see through’ look. A white undershirt with a white dress shirt can easily amplify the visibility of the undershirt, and one can trace out the undershirt from a distance. However, choosing a gray color means that everything will blend perfectly well. This is especially the balance between the undershirt and your skin tone.

Pull The Cuff To Your Elbow And Fold The Sleeve Over It


When you are attempting to roll up your sleeves, take your time and do it like a pro. You want a neat and sleek finish and not a sleeve roll that looks as though you are about to go to the farm. Grab your cuffs and pull them over the sleeves up to your elbow joint. Grab the hanging sleeve and fold it over the cuffs then smoothen the look with your hand to make sure the fabric is well spread around your arm to make it neater.

Do Not Shove Your Shirt Into Your Pants

Take some time to properly tuck your shirt. In as much as you may be in a hurry, never shove your shirt into your pants. Rather, hold the sides and fold it back along the seams on the side. By folding it, you reduce the chances of having extra fabric gathering over your pants after tucking in the shirt. This will result in a neater look and make the shirt look as though it fits properly when in actual sense, it is a bit wide.

Shirts With Longer Curve Tails Are For Tucking, Flat Bottoms Are Better Left Untucked

Anytime you spot an excellent dress shirt that has a slightly longer curve tails; they are not to be worn when untucked. Yes, you can wear dress shirt untucked but most people like the other option. Even so, curved shirt tails will always require that you tuck them to get that sleek, neat, and elegant look. When it comes to shirts with flat bottoms, the best way to wear it is untucked. Since it is not structured to flow easily when tucked, it may form bumps which are what you do not want.

Turn A Shirt Collar Into A Band Collar

This is the perfect trick to turn that shirt that you think is outdated into a shirt that is more attractive, amazing, and stylish. Shirts with collar bands have this exquisite look, and they can easily flatter your neckline and improve your general look. This is also a great trick to reinvent those many shirts lying in your closet untouched and unused. These shirts will find better purposes like going with them to certain semi-official functions and also unofficial ones.

Now that you know these tricks make sure that you spread the good news to help as many people as we can. Some mistakes have to be stopped and some improvements made.