Babys Dresses for Parties

It is very exciting to have a baby particularly for the first-time parents. It is fun and easy to clothe them because they always look adorable whatever they wear. However, as a parent, you consider many things when it comes to their clothes especially babys dresses for parties. You always want the best for them and because of that, it is essential to know these tips before buying.

  • The most important is to make sure that the dresses are comfortable to wear especially in parties. The fabric used must be hypoallergenic since their skin is highly sensitive. Avoid materials or fabric that can cause rashes and irritation.

  • When buying baby dress, you should select baby friendly ones which will not cause any potential harm. Avoid dresses that have many decorations because babies can rip them off and they can swallow them. In addition, avoid strings or laces to prevent suffocation or strangling. You can also read our article – Not to ignore safety issues for girls birthday party dresses.

  • Any color is great for babies. However, you have to select a color that is appropriate for the season. For an instance, if the party is held on summer, select light yellow, light pink, and white dresses or anything that has breezy color. There are also some colors that are appropriate for girls and boys so find the right one that is suitable for their gender.

  • It is also important to consider the party theme. For example, if the party has a princess theme, you can buy appropriate gown such as Cinderella or Snow White. However, make sure that they will feel comfortable wearing them. Never sacrifice comfort for the style.

Selecting the perfect dresses for your little ones is exciting. Online stores are the perfect place to purchase baby’s dresses for parties. There are wide variety of styles and colors available to select from. You can surely find something affordable but always remember their comfort above anything else.

Little girl dress for first birthday
Little girl dress for first birthday
Baby dress for party
Baby dress for party
Baby dress Luna
Baby dress Luna

Top 10 Smart Ways To Save Money On Clothes

Majority of households spend the least on clothes, but even so, that expense on clothes can still be trimmed down much more. Following the ways below can help save more money on clothes and still have nice clothes.

  1. Get Better Quality Clothing

Rather than buy poor cheap quality clothes every month, go for super quality once in six months or even one year. Do your math at the end of the year and see how much you have saved as compared to previous years.

  1. Shop Out Of Season

Shopping for clothes in December, around Christmas time is much more expensive than shopping few months before December. Buying winter jackets during winter is expensive, plan and shop before these peak seasons and save money.

  1. Don’t Wash Clothes Too Often

Really? Yes. Washing your clothes much often facilitates wear and tear, meaning you will need to shop for replacements always. Avoid unnecessary spending by washing less often.

  1. Fashion Does Not Kill

It is obvious that when a cloth trend is just new in the markets, the prices are usually exorbitant. Do not die to have it then. When that moment is past, you will get it at a sober cheaper price. Be wise.

  1. Broaden Your Options

Do you know getting less expensive accessories for the basic wardrobe you have is a money saver? Accessorizing that blue shirt with white and red will make you look as fashionable and as expensive as new yet saving much too. Try It.

  1. Identify A Store

It is wisdom to have this one place you always shop. Chances are, you will always get better deals and information on other upcoming deals apart from just better services. Occasionally they can even hold up a great item for you till you get cash to buy it.

  1. Be Patient To Hunt

It is somehow painful to dash and buy at first glance a piece of cloth that goes at half price at the next shop you pass by. Be slow and go round the stores looking for the best prices before making a decision. This will help you save.

  1. Repair The Clothes You Have

It feels easier to donate that great skirt you bought a month ago to an orphanage and replace it with a new one just because it has no buttons, but it is much easier and money saving to get it to a tailor for repair.

  1. Take Good Care Of Your Clothes

Keep the clothes you love well. Protect them from rodents. Do not just through them anyhow. Most of these clothes have instructions on how to clean, dry, iron and even store. Be smart.

  1. Buy What Fits You

With this in mind, you will not need more money to replace clothes that look funny on you, either by being too tight or too baggy. Neither will you buy new clothes and take them to a tailor. Save your money by buying what your size demands.


New does not necessarily translate to classy, neither do great labels do. Always plan before buying and make sure you only buy what you indeed need. Save your money.

Shoe Fitting And Buying Tips

The kind of shoes that you wear can say a lot about you. They can also enhance your general look or drop it down to a zero. Therefore, always be keen on your shoes. When you go to purchase a pair of shoes, ensure that it is fitting, suits the occasion, and it is excellent. Here are a few shoe fitting and buying tips to use.

  1. When Fitting Shoes

Always have your feet measured before you start trying on shoes. This gives the shop attendant the idea of the size they should get you.

Always try your shoes while standing so that you can feel how comfortable they are when you stretch your toes. Also, walk in the shoes for a few minutes to ensure that it is comfortable, does not slip off while walking and that there is room to breathe.

Always go for shoe fitting in the afternoon when your feet have expanded so that you can be sure when you purchase the shoe and you walk in it, when your feet finally expand along the day, you will still be comfortable enough in the shoes.

Always use your longer foot to try the shoes on. Our feet are not always proportional because one is longer and another shorter. The shoes can be adjusted to fit the shorter foot but cannot be adjusted to fit the longer foot.

Go for shoes that mimic the shape of your feet. This way, it will be easy for the shoe to fit perfectly because the features are symmetrical.

The widest part of your foot should perfectly fit in the widest part of the shoe and vice versa. The heel should also be comfortable for you. These are a few tips for shoe fitting.

  1. When Buying Shoes

Always know the kind of budget that you are working with. This way, you will know the exact price range that you should be looking at. This makes things easier. It will save you some time because you will not be caught up in trying shoes that you cannot afford.

Know exactly what you are looking for. The specifications can be the occasion, the purpose, the design style, the designer, the inches for the heel, and so on.  When your preference is outlined in your head, you will not be confused by anyone or anything. Remember, you are going to a place that has so many shoe designs with different features. A clear purpose will help you to stick to the plan.

Follow the rules of purchase depending on how you are purchasing the shoe. You can order a shoe online or go to a physical store. These two methods of purchase have rules. Therefore, apply them accordingly.

Go for the shoe that you love and look good in rather than what the salesperson may want you to purchase. You are the one that will wear the shoe. Therefore, you must purchase what you love and love what you purchase.

Shoe fitting and buying should not be as hectic anymore. Things are now simplified, and you know what to do next time.

10 Tips For Buying Shoes Online

The future of the business world is on the internet. Times have come where you are not ‘forced’ to visit a physical store for shopping, you can do it online from the comfort of your home.  Now, do you want to buy shoes online? Use these tips

  1. The Right Shop

Few cases have been reported of buyers who were conned online trying to purchase an item. Before completing your transaction, confirm the history of the shop you intend to buy from and possibly check if they have any physical stores. This will reduce chances of being conned.

  1. Shoe Pictures

These images are the only nearest evidence you have for the existence of the shoes you want to buy online. Go to a site with clear and large enough shoe images to be able to access and establish the quality and other details of your preferred pair.

  1. Guidelines Check

Be sure to understand the exchange principles before placing and completing your orders. Having an assurance that you can return the shoes is a great plus. Sometimes if their policies are too strict, suspect.

  1. Mode Of Payment

Never take a risk where the website does not offer a clear, secure and authentic payment mode. If in doubt of any such thing, call their number or sent an email just to verify.

  1. Customer Feedbacks And Ratings

Be patient enough before placing your order to check out customers’ reviews and ratings just to be sure of the kind of thing you are getting yourself into. This is key in decision-making.

  1. Reliability Survey

An easy and sure way of checking the credibility of an online brand is to visit their social media handles and get to see the conversations going on.

  1. Material And Colors

The images of the shoe desired might not spell the type of materials and clear shades of color used on the shoe, so a description about the same will come in handy to ascertain if what you have seen is the exact thing you are looking for.

  1. Try Them On As Soon As You Have Them

Do not tamper with any labels if present neither should you destroy any document accompanying your order. Try your shoe immediately so as if there is any complaint it can be made as quickly as possible and within the return policy period.

  1. The First Order Is A Test

When this is your first time to order online, make sure you do not order in bulk to avoid too much loses just in case. Make a single purchase ascertain the correctness of everything then you can keep shopping after that.

  1. Try Them Indoors

Do not try the new shoe in the dust or outside to damage them. Do this indoors so that in case of you returning them, they will be in their original state.


It is easy to shop online for shoes and especially when you have established the faithfulness and correctness of the shoe sellers you are dealing with. Never be in a hurry while shopping online and sometimes when the deals are too sweet, check again. Be safe.

Top 10 Shopping Tips!

Who doesn’t love shopping?
If you are a “shop till I drop” kind of a person then this article is a must read for you. Read along to become a smart shopper!

Online shopping

Online shopping or e-commerce has revolutionised our lives to a great extent. You must definitely get your hands on the advantages it has to offer. Look for the products on at least 2-3 shopping sites before making a purchase.

Weekday shopping

Most of the shopping areas will be filled with people during weekends. Especially if you are going to street markets you will not be able to bargain in the rush. That is the reason you must try to allocate some time on weekdays for shopping.

Key to best Jewellery shopping

The most important tip here is to look for discounts on wastage and making charges during festival seasons. Compare the making charges of various jewellery lines.

Finalise a budget

Try to make a note on your phone about the budget you can allot to a given shopping session. Set your priorities before going to the shop. Keep a balance in the amount you allot to all the categories in your list. Stay rigid with the budget you have allotted.

What’s in the trend

Most of us try to follow a certain celebrity or what is trending in the market. But we should also cross check if a certain style will suit a given occasion, our body type and also our comfort level in carrying it. The main drawback of going by the latest trend is that it is very dynamic.

Is the “sale” worth it?

Most of us rush to a certain shop to grab the best from seasonal sales. These sales will save a certain sum to your pocket only when you shop carefully. We generally tend to buy more than our usual budget when we shop during a sale. Strictly beware of this.

Reviews and return policy

This tip is applicable only for online shopping. You will be able to find some realistic pictures and honest opinions from previous customers. Read well the exchange and return policy of the seller before purchasing anything. Every seller has their own exchange and return policy.

Never be lazy for a “trial”

You certainly know your size and preferences better than anyone else. But what easily slips our mind is that different brands follow different standardisation for sizes. This might create a big problem if you skip trials. Especially when you are buying clothes that can not be exchanged or returned.

Grocery shopping tip

Grocery shopping is inevitable for all of us. The best thing to do before going for grocery shopping is to check your pantry. Then make a list of everything you require. This will make your grocery shopping easy and enjoyable.

Pay in cash

This might seem very simple but it is equally effective. While you will have an eye on how much you are paying, you can also save on the credit card interests.

Hope these tips will improve your shopping experience to great extent. Until next time, happy shopping!