Girls Dresses for Special Occasions

One of the most important events in your child’s life is their First Holy Communion. It is a religious celebration that is observed by some of the stricter Christian denominations such as the Catholics. The First Holy Communion celebration is a day when a child gets the Holy Eucharist for the first time in their life. It is a re-enactment of the last supper.

Taking it indicates that the child understands the demands and challenges of the Christian faith and is willing to follow Jesus.

The First Communion is taken by children between the ages of 7 and 14. In most cases, they are usually in their 2nd grade at school. This ceremony normally has a strict dress code for the girls and the boys. Read on to learn about the cute dresses girls should wear on this important day.

Girls Dresses for Special Occasions
Girls Dresses for Special Occasions

What sort of communion dresses should your daughters wear?

It is customary for girls to wear ivory or white dresses which have simple patterns or cuts on them. The dresses should fall below the knee or be as long as their calves. An example of a communion dress for girls is the short sleeved satin dress combined with an organza skirt. Some other examples are the sleeveless lace and organza dresses too.

Girls Dresses for Party
Girls Dresses for Party

Your princess can also wear an illusion neckline white dress combined with a peplum waist made of lace. Embroidery is a popular style for flower girl dresses. It is usually applied in the bodice or organza of communion dresses too. White beads can also be added as décor on the dresses to make the dress unique in the occasion. More about this can be found at Sophia’s Style. Other interesting example of a hand-crafted design that produces beautiful results, with embroidery and lace fabrics, are the children’s dresses produced by Bela Pequena: Vestidos de Bebê ‘Baby Clothes’ ” – a Brazilian factory that sends its baby dresses to dozens of countries around the world.


Dresses for children
Children’s Dresses for First Communion

These pageant dresses can be accessorized with an elegant cardigan, bolero jacket or sweater. The socks are an important part of the outfit. To match the dress, they should be ivory or white in color. Girls can also wear tights in these colors. Moreover, they should wear doll shoes or flats. These should be white or ivory in color with no heel on them. You should follow the guidelines above to ensure that your princess looks amazing during her First Communion.

Dresses for birthday

Best Children’s Dresses for Party

Kid’s dresses have become a tedious job to get to the right choice or right selection. While shopping adults go through a lot of dresses and then selects a final one. The same is happening while shopping for children. Pink colour for girls and blue colour for boys; are the common colours that are normally purchased. Kid’s dresses are mostly casual compared to the adult’s dresses, as a lot of comfort level is also taken care of while designing children’s garments. Hosiery fabric is commonly used in the dress construction.

Comfort with Flairs: Girls like to wear a bell gown or a bell frock in a red or pink colour whenever they are going to a party. It gives a Barbie doll kind of an effect. They look very pretty and beautiful. This style is a classic style and it always remains in fashions throughout the year. For their comfort level the inner linings used are quite soft and does not disturb them. Similarly boys’ dresses are much simpler compared to girls dresses. They wear trousers with a coat which give them a dense and a mature look. Basic colours for boys include; navy blue, dark purple, black, gray, maroon, etc. You can see a good example from Bonnie Jean Girls Dresses website.

Cupcakes Dresses
Dresses for Cupcakes Party

Design Elements in Right Proportion: In Children’s garments or dresses if the design elements are used in right proportion, then only they are accepted by the parents who are on for shopping for their kids. They take care of all the fasteners used in the dress; all the trimmings used; ease and fit, fabric, etc. They want their kids to experience the best comfort while maintaining the elegance of the dress. Dresses always reflect kids’ moods, Hence their selection should be done carefully.

Fabrics: Most of the people prefer buying organic cotton fabric dresses which have some Lycra or spandex for easy stretch ability. Also, as organic cotton fabrics are quite soft, quite cozy, hence is the best selling fabric in the kid’s wear segment. Most of the kid’s dresses are constructed using fleece, hosiery, cashmere, etc. Silk garments should not be preferred over cotton, as it is not comfortable. Also, it is quite expensive and is mostly dry-cleaned. Their fabric properties do not allow them to be home laundered.

Colours: Children’s garments mostly are manufactured in soft or pastel colours, so that they look attractive when they wear the dress at a party. The purpose of wearing a beautiful dress gets defeated until and unless the kid’s are noticed and appreciated. Black colour suits very few kids, and should not be preferred in front of reds, maroons, orange, pink, blue, etc. All the neutral colours are good for elders but not for kids.

Design Patterns: Kid’s garments require a perfect designing, as it is not only approved by the parents, but is also approved by the kid’s too. The dress design is the basic element to attract kids towards it. Many a time’s parents have to buy a dress as approved by their kids as they are the ultimate wearers. Design patterns can include geometrical prints, juvenile prints, and floral patterns; basically for girls, and abstract prints go well with the boys dresses.

Dresses for Peppa Birthday
Peppa Pig Dresses

Pleats, Pin-tucks and Drapes: These three elements are normally taken into account while designing children’s party wear dress. This three design element changes the look of the garment completely and adds a premium heavy look. The drape gives a liquid, soft kind of a feel to the kid. The pintucks or smoking effect on the yoke of the dress looks very beautiful when used on a girl’s dress. A pleat adds a lot of bulk in the dress giving a fluffy look. Pleats are also used in boys’ shirt to make it look more innovative.

The above listed are some of the best things that should be taken care of while purchasing party wear dresses for the kids. The main focus should not be on the design; it should be on the comfort level of the kid. Even safe fasteners should be used in the garment, so that it does not hurt or irritate kids. Colours that highlight the children should be used; that is, bright colours should be preferred over dull colours.