Babys Dresses for Parties

It is very exciting to have a baby particularly for the first-time parents. It is fun and easy to clothe them because they always look adorable whatever they wear. However, as a parent, you consider many things when it comes to their clothes especially babys dresses for parties. You always want the best for them and because of that, it is essential to know these tips before buying.

  • The most important is to make sure that the dresses are comfortable to wear especially in parties. The fabric used must be hypoallergenic since their skin is highly sensitive. Avoid materials or fabric that can cause rashes and irritation.

  • When buying baby dress, you should select baby friendly ones which will not cause any potential harm. Avoid dresses that have many decorations because babies can rip them off and they can swallow them. In addition, avoid strings or laces to prevent suffocation or strangling. You can also read our article – Not to ignore safety issues for girls birthday party dresses.

  • Any color is great for babies. However, you have to select a color that is appropriate for the season. For an instance, if the party is held on summer, select light yellow, light pink, and white dresses or anything that has breezy color. There are also some colors that are appropriate for girls and boys so find the right one that is suitable for their gender.

  • It is also important to consider the party theme. For example, if the party has a princess theme, you can buy appropriate gown such as Cinderella or Snow White. However, make sure that they will feel comfortable wearing them. Never sacrifice comfort for the style.

Selecting the perfect dresses for your little ones is exciting. Online stores are the perfect place to purchase baby’s dresses for parties. There are wide variety of styles and colors available to select from. You can surely find something affordable but always remember their comfort above anything else.

Little girl dress for first birthday
Little girl dress for first birthday
Baby dress for party
Baby dress for party
Baby dress Luna
Baby dress Luna

Tips to dress up your little girl for the party and to get the best photo-shoot

Is it some party approaching near and you are freaking out as you have not yet decided how you are going to dress up your little princess? Are you looking for something extraordinary that would make your super special kid look more charming than everyone else in there? If so, then here we are to tell you the tips that will help you pick the best dress for your little girl.

Little girl dress for first birthday
Little girl dress for first birthday
  1. Know what you want

The first and the foremost thing you need to pay attention to is to set the goal and be firm on it that what you want to have for the baby. If you are finding it difficult to decide what type of dress you want for the girl, then here we are to tell you the options. Do not forget to also read about our safety tips for children’s dresses.

  • Character-based outfit

This kind of gear excites the children and the parents equally. You can choose from a huge list of characters to get the outfit for. On the priority get the outfit of the character that your little girl is looking FORWARD to. Being in her Favorite character’s outfit is something that would make her happy, and her happiness is all that you want. If the baby dress for birthday that your little one picks up is a very common one than you can go for something different and convince her for that. You can pick from the Disney princesses, frozen characters, little mermaid, Minnie Mouse, etc.

  • Tutu dresses

The tutu dresses for the little girls can always save your day to get the get the best look for your baby girl. The tutu dresses come in almost every color so you can pick the one based on the theme of the party you are going for.

  • Customized or handmade dresses

Getting a special dress ready for your little girl for the party approach is going to be the most sincere gesture from you. You can customize the dress for her and get it made from some store or you could handmade it and make it heavenly for your daughter. Whatever be the case, make sure you choose what makes her happy.

  1. Dress her up according to the occasion

The details of the dresses we have discussed in the previous passage can go on a lot of occasions. Generally, your child can wear these dresses to any party. The party could be a birthday party, either her own or of someone else, to the Christmas party, baptism party, graduation party, family gets together and wedding parties equally. But if you are planning a picnic after the party, do not taker her in this dress, put a simple and easy one for the outdoors and take it along. Some foreign websites are useful for mothers who wish to get different and beautiful children’s dresses. These manufacturers have small craft workshops and produce dresses manually with natural fabrics. An example is the Ana Giovanna store in Brazil. They ship to all of America, Europe and Asia. They have exclusive dresses – you can find the site here – and if you want to learn a little Portuguese, they say ‘vestido de festa infantil‘ when they talk about children’s party dresses.

Baby girl dress for party
Baby girl dress for party
  1. Accessorize her well

The outfits of the girls are nearly incomplete without the accessories to complement them. According to the age of your girl, you can get the accessories for her. For the baby girls, only the headbands and shoes are sufficient. For little older girls, you can make use of fancy bracelets as well. Usually, a cute purse kind of thing makes the little one create a good impression.

  1. Capture her well

The most important part of the party is the photo shoot and you must know how and when to take the photos of your child to make her look best. You have several options to shoot the baby, and we have discussed them below so either all or whichever becomes possible for you, you get them done and save for the rest of your life.

  • Shoot with the parents and siblings

Now that your girl is all dressed up and ready for the party, so are you and your partner. This is the best time to take some ideas shots while you all are looking fresh and ready. The poses with the parents should be based on pure emotions, the laughs should be real, the hugs should be heartfelt, and the smiles should come from deep inside. Then shoot the kid with other siblings, if she has them, this will create a dramatic bonding between them for the party as well.

  • Shoot with the pet

If you have got a pet at home that is friendly with the child, then you should go for the shoot of the two as well. This is going to create a very precious piece of memory for your child. On the similar note, you can shoot the kid with some favorite toys to preserve the memory. When the kids grow up, they just love to have the pictures of their children with such memories.

  • Pick the poses and the ransoms’ equally

Searching for some lovely poses on the internet for the child’s photo shoot is a fun job. You can get as many of them according to the child’s age as possible, but you still have to find the real love in the random ones. You will see that the pictures taken randomly are the most charming ones and the details in the background are always fascinating.

  • Do not forget the natural daylight

Instead of relying on the artificial lights, do prefer the sunlight at daytime as the pictures taken in the natural sunlight have no parallel. Try going out in the outdoors with the kid to take some extraordinary pictures. You are the master of your talent with the camera, and you can capture every single detail that you wish for with ease. You know you kid’s moods and the best time to take their pictures.

So follow the tips we have given you for the perfect baby dress for first birthday pick up for your little girl and take the ever best photos of hers that would serve as an asset not only for you but your little girl in future. Let the artist inside you get free and enjoy every moment with your child as the childhood once gone, never returns.

Not to ignore safety issues for girls birthday party dresses

Parenting is a full-time job and a very challenging one as well. You have to work hard with the kids while not getting a chance to lay down. You have to take care of everything for them as being a parent you want your kid to be on the top in every field. Your little ones are your breath and your life so why not be concerned to get the best for them.

What are the options for dressing girls up for the party?

When we talk about getting the best for our kids, the same goes for the kids clothing. As parents we want our kids to dress the best way, so they look best and stand out where ever they go. Having a party drawing near could get you crazy for picking the most amazing dress for your girl. There are so many things you can go for with the girls. You can go picking some Disney princess dress to make your girl feel like an actual princess, you can go for the fairy dresses with a tiara on head and feathers on back, you can get them some really nice one-piece dresses to make them look elegant and even you can pick some gowns for them if you wish. There are tail gowns, gowns with short jackets on top, the mermaid gowns and a lot of others that you can pick from to grace a birthday party and make your kid the head turner one. In other countries, children’s fashion for girls have some attractive options. The cost of freight is not expensive and the deadlines in general are fast. We highlight the Brazilian blog ‘Vestidos Infantis’ which presents excellent content on the theme and do an incredible job, selecting beautiful dresses for the baby’s party – in Brazil they say: ‘vestido de festa para bebe‘.

What care should be taken before we get to dress our girls?

Although the task of selecting the right clothes for your girl is a tiring one, it too comes with a huge responsibility as well. You have to pay attention to several factors to make sure that your child is comfortable in the dress and is safe. Yes, there are safety issues concerned with the children dresses too which are often neglected by the parents when they buy such clothes.

Why is it necessary to take care of the safety issues?

When it’s your child, isn’t his safety the first thing you have to consider? Just like the way we want our kids to stay away from harmful objects, it is important to keep them away from the harmful clothes as well. Not that they clothes themselves pose a threat to your child’s safety, it is the situations that the kids get into and make a mess of themselves. To alert you about buying such clothing, we have written this articles.

So what to do to avoid such situations?

Since your child’s safety is your top priority, therefore, it is important to learn that the US government has set some regulations for the safety of the children. You should know what these concerns are and must check whether the clothes you are buying follow the regulations settled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can always ask the shop owners to show you the certification if you find it doubtful. We have not heard of any injuries or deaths linked to the safety issues of the children clothes but tragedies have been reported, and we would like to alert you for that.

Which safety issues should be kept in mind?

Here we are discussing the factors that significantly affect the reliability of the clothes, and if they follow the regulations, you are bound to get clothes that help.

  • Flammability

Flammability of the sleepwear is the most important factor to consider when you are out to buy pajamas for your kids. The sleepwear has to be flame resistant so that there is no chance of getting fire or burnt up for the kid while they sleep. Most of the cases that get to the hospitals for the fire caught children happen due to wearing the sleepwear that is highly flammable. You never know when an emergency can occur so make sure to buy the clothes that come with the tag saying inflammable. You can find a label saying flame resistant or snug fitting to check the flammability of the cloth.

  • Drawstrings

The drawstrings pose a severe threat when they are dangling from the neck area of certain jacket and hoodies. The hanging strings can cling to any place while the kids are playing and can easily strangle the child. Therefore make sure that the clothes you buy have no such strings and if they have, make sure to obliterate them. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has completely banned the drawstrings from the children dresses.

  • Choking hazards

Although the beads and the buttons look very beautiful on the kids’ clothes, they too are a threat to child safety as they can pose a choking hazard. The children above 4 are sensible enough not to put these things in their mouth, but the younger kids could give you a challenge with these added accessories. So make sure not to get such clothes that have these things on them.

  • Lead in paints

The fabric paints often contain a good amount of lead in them that can lead to the serious health issues for your child. Therefore try to avoid these clothes as well and train your children not to chew or suck on the fabric paints as they could prove harmful to them.

There are several other limitations in the way of safety for the children. It is best to pay attention to every single detail and learn how to avoid them. The shoe laces also pose a threat as the drawstrings, and the kids could fall off due to the shoelaces as well. The zippers on the small kids’ dresses for parties are also uncomfortable and can give them minor injuries. When you look at the safety issues, you learn that as the kid matures, the concerns start fading for him themselves. So your kids can enjoy these dresses when he grows up. Let’s keep their safety, of major concern.

Birthday Party Costume Ideas for Little Girls

Birthday celebrations come however once per year – having a great theme for your kid’s birthday embellishment is an incredible method to make a significant experience, yet including outfits into the general mix makes everything much more extraordinary. It is a double enjoyable to celebrate a baby girl’s get-together since you can get greatly imaginative with vivid adornments, luxurious ensembles, and delightfully created invites. There are wonderful clothing alternatives available and you can look at some lovely children dresses on the web. Bear in mind to consider these choices to make shopping an effective affair. Continue perusing to look at our best 5 costume ideas for birthday celebrations of little girl.

1. Princess Birthday Party Dress

In the event that your little princess loves to chime in with Ariel, traditional dance like Cinderella, and converse with the creatures like Snow White, she will love a Disney Princess birthday party! Each and every young lady longs for turning into a princess with a tiara and lovely ball outfit. Influence their fantasies to work out as expected by facilitating a princess get-together.

Plan ahead and look for Disney Store deals and dresses available to be purchased on eBay. The Disney Store site sporadically offers princess dresses for 25% off with free delivering, which brings about the aggregate cost for a dress being under $40. On eBay, you can discover princess dresses that are previously owned for considerably less than a new dress. You can easily purchase My Lil Princess Baby Girls Birthday Party wear Frock Dress from Amazon. This perfectly Designed Frock for Girls has smooth coating for comfort. Dresses are agreeable and reasonable for all seasons.

2. Lovable Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Dress

Party dresses for baby girl
Dresses for little girl

Plan a Minnie Mouse themed party and commend your little one’s unique day with pretty enhancements, exercises, snacks and treats, diversions and cute gifts. The Minnie Mouse Birthday Party is the great and bubbly topic that will add huge amounts of happiness to child’s moving toward birthday. Visit a Disney Store so that your daughter can see the dresses and feel the texture to have a sense in the matter of what she would be happy with wearing.

Consider to wear Beautiful Minnie Mouse Tutu Dress which can be found on any enormous online store. These dresses are made of delicate, 100% cotton-agreeable to wear and won`t tingle Cotton underskirt. Buy the dress at a somewhat bigger size with the goal that she will have the capacity to wear it for a more extended time. The dress should influence them to feel free and doesn’t confine their development. Visiting a foreign online store can bring good surprises. This is the case of the Bela Pequena store in Brazil. They make beautiful baby dresses – people there say, ‘vestidos‘.

vestido longo infantil
Girl’s Dresses

3. Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Dress

An Alice in Wonderland topic advances to party-goers of any age. Present day Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party subject is over the best and marvelous. In the event that the gathering must be inside, endeavor to start the creative abilities of the children by facilitating a fun Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party. Amazon’s Alice in Wonderland Tutu Dress is impeccable to praise your daughter turning one. These dresses are accompanies a customized bodysuit, sewn tutu, and coordinating bow.

One thing you ought to consider however is how relaxed the dress is. It is unpleasant to consume 2 hours at a gathering and not participate in every exercise as a result of the outfit malfunction. A few dresses are scratchy or hot, so she might not have any desire to wear particular dress all day. Choose common, breathing and superb textures.

4. Mermaid Princess Birthday Party Dress

Girl kids cherish mermaids, and is there any good reason why they shouldn’t? Mermaids are legendary animals that can swim to the base of the ocean and investigate a wide range of charming spots. This is the reason a mermaid topic keeps on being extremely prevalent for birthday parties.

Does the Disney motion picture Little Mermaid warm your youngster’s heart each time she watches it? At that point she’ll cherish the Kid’s Standard Ariel Little Mermaid Costume, which includes a one piece dress. The dress has short sleeves and a lower leg length hemline. The midriff of the dress is cut from a purple extend vinyl material and highlights a little picture of Ariel at the focal point of its neck area. The transparent green sleeves are trimmed to coordinate the trim around the neck area. The skirt tumbles to the floor in a gleam green.

Baby girl dresses
Baby girl – Dresses for party

5. Sofia the First Birthday Party Dress

If conventional young girl longs for some time or another abruptly turning into a princess, concede her desire for the day with a Sofia the First birthday celebration party. Look simply like Princess Sofia with the Royal Signature Dress! The dress highlights a delightful ribbon and sequin nitty gritty bodice, an in vogue peplum outfit and a notable Sofia cameo at the neck area. Your daughter is certain to love this excellent dress that is ideal for any imperial event!

For dresses that are scratchy or on the off chance that it is cool, a white shirt or extended sleeved white shirt worn under the dress will help. If you are anticipating acquiring a second dress, search for a more agreeable style if the first appears to be scratchy. You have to consider the solace of your infant in light of the fact that awkward clothing can cause a lot of issues like rashes, aggravation and so forth.

Kid's dresses
Baby girl dresses

6. Disney Frozen Birthday Party Dress

Celebrate with Elsa, Anna, Olaf and whatever is left of her Frozen companions. Find the enchantment of Frozen Fever with Elsa! This all-new Frozen short brings back most loved characters for all new enchantment and experience in the kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa shows up as elegant as ever in her warm climate garments to coordinate the springtime topic of the film.

She completely sparkles in her long green outfit with blossom designs and sparkle subtle elements. Elsa even wears a blossom in her hair! Young ladies will love playing out their most loved scenes and envisioning every single new one with their most loved illustrious sister! Numerous dresses have sparkle decoration, which brings about bits of sparkle falling off and getting all around. Ensure you give careful consideration to sizes as they have a tendency to fluctuate from shop to shop.

Helpful Tips to Buy Kids Party Dresses

The last thing you want to worry about is how comfortable those children party dresses are on them on their big day. I mean, you have a lot on your mind already; you have got to bother about cooking, preparing, baking, and entertaining the guests. You need to know one or two rules of shopping when buying party dresses for your kids; this way, you will not make the wrong choices. Some of these essential rules will be discussed in this write-up.

Baby Dresses for Birthday
Baby Dresses for Birthday

Understand sizing

Beautiful designs, the name of the designer, color, and trendy appearance of the dress are essential. However, sizing is far more important than them all when you want to buy kids party dresses. If the dress does not size him or her properly, none of other considerations will make the kid comfortable in that dress. The size of dress to buy depends on the age and body size of the kid.

Soft fabric is better

Your kids are still growing, and, therefore, have soft and sensitive skin. Even if the formal kids party dress is to be used for a day, it should be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, make sure you opt for cotton party dresses; they are soft and will not irritate the kid’s tender skin. You can choose between a soft cotton-blend or full-cotton dress.

Flower Girl Dresses
Flower Girl Dresses

Organic fabric is also very soft; it is even softer, and sometimes more preferable than cotton dresses. Be that as it may, organic dresses are more expensive than cotton dresses. Dresses with tags are better than “tagless” dresses since the latter can cause skin irritation on the kid.

Princess Girl's Dress
Princess Girl’s Dress

Consider cost

A top quality, trendy party dress does not have to be expensive. Many cheap children party dresses can have similar quality to the expensive ones. If the new ones are proving to be too expensive to your liking, you can always opt for used, but relatively trendy, party dresses for the kid. The two will achieve the same purpose.

Girls Dresses for Special Occasions

One of the most important events in your child’s life is their First Holy Communion. It is a religious celebration that is observed by some of the stricter Christian denominations such as the Catholics. The First Holy Communion celebration is a day when a child gets the Holy Eucharist for the first time in their life. It is a re-enactment of the last supper.

Taking it indicates that the child understands the demands and challenges of the Christian faith and is willing to follow Jesus.

The First Communion is taken by children between the ages of 7 and 14. In most cases, they are usually in their 2nd grade at school. This ceremony normally has a strict dress code for the girls and the boys. Read on to learn about the cute dresses girls should wear on this important day.

Girls Dresses for Special Occasions
Girls Dresses for Special Occasions

What sort of communion dresses should your daughters wear?

It is customary for girls to wear ivory or white dresses which have simple patterns or cuts on them. The dresses should fall below the knee or be as long as their calves. An example of a communion dress for girls is the short sleeved satin dress combined with an organza skirt. Some other examples are the sleeveless lace and organza dresses too.

Girls Dresses for Party
Girls Dresses for Party

Your princess can also wear an illusion neckline white dress combined with a peplum waist made of lace. Embroidery is a popular style for flower girl dresses. It is usually applied in the bodice or organza of communion dresses too. White beads can also be added as décor on the dresses to make the dress unique in the occasion. More about this can be found at Sophia’s Style. Other interesting example of a hand-crafted design that produces beautiful results, with embroidery and lace fabrics, are the children’s dresses produced by Bela Pequena: Vestidos de Bebê ‘Baby Clothes’ ” – a Brazilian factory that sends its baby dresses to dozens of countries around the world.


Dresses for children
Children’s Dresses for First Communion

These pageant dresses can be accessorized with an elegant cardigan, bolero jacket or sweater. The socks are an important part of the outfit. To match the dress, they should be ivory or white in color. Girls can also wear tights in these colors. Moreover, they should wear doll shoes or flats. These should be white or ivory in color with no heel on them. You should follow the guidelines above to ensure that your princess looks amazing during her First Communion.

Dresses for birthday

Best Children’s Dresses for Party

Kid’s dresses have become a tedious job to get to the right choice or right selection. While shopping adults go through a lot of dresses and then selects a final one. The same is happening while shopping for children. Pink colour for girls and blue colour for boys; are the common colours that are normally purchased. Kid’s dresses are mostly casual compared to the adult’s dresses, as a lot of comfort level is also taken care of while designing children’s garments. Hosiery fabric is commonly used in the dress construction.

Comfort with Flairs: Girls like to wear a bell gown or a bell frock in a red or pink colour whenever they are going to a party. It gives a Barbie doll kind of an effect. They look very pretty and beautiful. This style is a classic style and it always remains in fashions throughout the year. For their comfort level the inner linings used are quite soft and does not disturb them. Similarly boys’ dresses are much simpler compared to girls dresses. They wear trousers with a coat which give them a dense and a mature look. Basic colours for boys include; navy blue, dark purple, black, gray, maroon, etc. You can see a good example from Bonnie Jean Girls Dresses website.

Cupcakes Dresses
Dresses for Cupcakes Party

Design Elements in Right Proportion: In Children’s garments or dresses if the design elements are used in right proportion, then only they are accepted by the parents who are on for shopping for their kids. They take care of all the fasteners used in the dress; all the trimmings used; ease and fit, fabric, etc. They want their kids to experience the best comfort while maintaining the elegance of the dress. Dresses always reflect kids’ moods, Hence their selection should be done carefully.

Fabrics: Most of the people prefer buying organic cotton fabric dresses which have some Lycra or spandex for easy stretch ability. Also, as organic cotton fabrics are quite soft, quite cozy, hence is the best selling fabric in the kid’s wear segment. Most of the kid’s dresses are constructed using fleece, hosiery, cashmere, etc. Silk garments should not be preferred over cotton, as it is not comfortable. Also, it is quite expensive and is mostly dry-cleaned. Their fabric properties do not allow them to be home laundered.

Colours: Children’s garments mostly are manufactured in soft or pastel colours, so that they look attractive when they wear the dress at a party. The purpose of wearing a beautiful dress gets defeated until and unless the kid’s are noticed and appreciated. Black colour suits very few kids, and should not be preferred in front of reds, maroons, orange, pink, blue, etc. All the neutral colours are good for elders but not for kids.

Design Patterns: Kid’s garments require a perfect designing, as it is not only approved by the parents, but is also approved by the kid’s too. The dress design is the basic element to attract kids towards it. Many a time’s parents have to buy a dress as approved by their kids as they are the ultimate wearers. Design patterns can include geometrical prints, juvenile prints, and floral patterns; basically for girls, and abstract prints go well with the boys dresses.

Dresses for Peppa Birthday
Peppa Pig Dresses

Pleats, Pin-tucks and Drapes: These three elements are normally taken into account while designing children’s party wear dress. This three design element changes the look of the garment completely and adds a premium heavy look. The drape gives a liquid, soft kind of a feel to the kid. The pintucks or smoking effect on the yoke of the dress looks very beautiful when used on a girl’s dress. A pleat adds a lot of bulk in the dress giving a fluffy look. Pleats are also used in boys’ shirt to make it look more innovative.

The above listed are some of the best things that should be taken care of while purchasing party wear dresses for the kids. The main focus should not be on the design; it should be on the comfort level of the kid. Even safe fasteners should be used in the garment, so that it does not hurt or irritate kids. Colours that highlight the children should be used; that is, bright colours should be preferred over dull colours.

Top 10 Smart Ways To Save Money On Clothes

Majority of households spend the least on clothes, but even so, that expense on clothes can still be trimmed down much more. Following the ways below can help save more money on clothes and still have nice clothes.

  1. Get Better Quality Clothing

Rather than buy poor cheap quality clothes every month, go for super quality once in six months or even one year. Do your math at the end of the year and see how much you have saved as compared to previous years.

  1. Shop Out Of Season

Shopping for clothes in December, around Christmas time is much more expensive than shopping few months before December. Buying winter jackets during winter is expensive, plan and shop before these peak seasons and save money.

  1. Don’t Wash Clothes Too Often

Really? Yes. Washing your clothes much often facilitates wear and tear, meaning you will need to shop for replacements always. Avoid unnecessary spending by washing less often.

  1. Fashion Does Not Kill

It is obvious that when a cloth trend is just new in the markets, the prices are usually exorbitant. Do not die to have it then. When that moment is past, you will get it at a sober cheaper price. Be wise.

  1. Broaden Your Options

Do you know getting less expensive accessories for the basic wardrobe you have is a money saver? Accessorizing that blue shirt with white and red will make you look as fashionable and as expensive as new yet saving much too. Try It.

  1. Identify A Store

It is wisdom to have this one place you always shop. Chances are, you will always get better deals and information on other upcoming deals apart from just better services. Occasionally they can even hold up a great item for you till you get cash to buy it.

  1. Be Patient To Hunt

It is somehow painful to dash and buy at first glance a piece of cloth that goes at half price at the next shop you pass by. Be slow and go round the stores looking for the best prices before making a decision. This will help you save.

  1. Repair The Clothes You Have

It feels easier to donate that great skirt you bought a month ago to an orphanage and replace it with a new one just because it has no buttons, but it is much easier and money saving to get it to a tailor for repair.

  1. Take Good Care Of Your Clothes

Keep the clothes you love well. Protect them from rodents. Do not just through them anyhow. Most of these clothes have instructions on how to clean, dry, iron and even store. Be smart.

  1. Buy What Fits You

With this in mind, you will not need more money to replace clothes that look funny on you, either by being too tight or too baggy. Neither will you buy new clothes and take them to a tailor. Save your money by buying what your size demands.


New does not necessarily translate to classy, neither do great labels do. Always plan before buying and make sure you only buy what you indeed need. Save your money.

The Right Clothes For Your Body Type

Clothes are there to cover our bodies, to flatter our bodies, and to improve our looks. Therefore, it is prudent always to be aware of out types of bodies and choose the right clothes for our body types to avoid blunders. You can use these tips to ensure that you always go for the right clothes for you.

  1. Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is a fascinating shape because there is a great balance in of your upper body and lower body. Your best features are your hips and your bust. Therefore, always go for clothes that will bring attention to your waist by hugging it. By this, your hips and your busy will be perfectly highlighted. Avoid baggy clothes that will hide your figure. Wrap dresses, high waist skirts, pencil skirts, and v-neck dresses and tops will do magic.

  1. Pear-Shaped Body

With this shape, it will be best to add more volume to your shoulders and the upper body while at the same time attracting attention to your waist because your waist is well defined. Dresses and tops with boat necks, square necks, and cowl necklines will do the magic. Strapless dresses will bring more attention to your shoulders.  Go for skirts with A-lines and pants that are tailored over pencil skirts and tight trousers. The whole purpose is to accentuate your shoulders and create an illusion of balance.

  1. Apple Shape

This is where one has a broader upper body and a narrow lover body. Therefore, always go for clothes that will highlight your best features. Avoid skinny jeans, tight pants, and straight leg pants. Layered tops will work best for this body type. If you must accessorize with a belt on your upper body, do not wear it around your waist but right under your bust. Your tops should always reach below your hips. Your tops should have V-necks as well as dresses. Avoid square necks, boat neckline, and spaghetti straps.

  1. Rectangle Body Shape

This body type is when the shoulders, waist, and hips seem to have the same width. Therefore, the best features to flaunt are your arms and legs. Sweetheart tops and scoop necks will be great on you. Always go for clothes with a peplum design since they will create an illusion that you have an hourglass shape.  The length of your tops should go to the midpoint of your hips. Empire dresses and wrap dresses will be a brilliant choice. Tops that are detailed with ruffles and the like will bring attention to your chest and flatter it. Wear a great and supportive bra to flatter your breasts.

Dressing your body type is one way to ensure that you look enchanting. When everything is flowing, and all your great features are highlighted, the whole purpose of dressing up is achieved which is looking like a million dollars.

Shoe Fitting And Buying Tips

The kind of shoes that you wear can say a lot about you. They can also enhance your general look or drop it down to a zero. Therefore, always be keen on your shoes. When you go to purchase a pair of shoes, ensure that it is fitting, suits the occasion, and it is excellent. Here are a few shoe fitting and buying tips to use.

  1. When Fitting Shoes

Always have your feet measured before you start trying on shoes. This gives the shop attendant the idea of the size they should get you.

Always try your shoes while standing so that you can feel how comfortable they are when you stretch your toes. Also, walk in the shoes for a few minutes to ensure that it is comfortable, does not slip off while walking and that there is room to breathe.

Always go for shoe fitting in the afternoon when your feet have expanded so that you can be sure when you purchase the shoe and you walk in it, when your feet finally expand along the day, you will still be comfortable enough in the shoes.

Always use your longer foot to try the shoes on. Our feet are not always proportional because one is longer and another shorter. The shoes can be adjusted to fit the shorter foot but cannot be adjusted to fit the longer foot.

Go for shoes that mimic the shape of your feet. This way, it will be easy for the shoe to fit perfectly because the features are symmetrical.

The widest part of your foot should perfectly fit in the widest part of the shoe and vice versa. The heel should also be comfortable for you. These are a few tips for shoe fitting.

  1. When Buying Shoes

Always know the kind of budget that you are working with. This way, you will know the exact price range that you should be looking at. This makes things easier. It will save you some time because you will not be caught up in trying shoes that you cannot afford.

Know exactly what you are looking for. The specifications can be the occasion, the purpose, the design style, the designer, the inches for the heel, and so on.  When your preference is outlined in your head, you will not be confused by anyone or anything. Remember, you are going to a place that has so many shoe designs with different features. A clear purpose will help you to stick to the plan.

Follow the rules of purchase depending on how you are purchasing the shoe. You can order a shoe online or go to a physical store. These two methods of purchase have rules. Therefore, apply them accordingly.

Go for the shoe that you love and look good in rather than what the salesperson may want you to purchase. You are the one that will wear the shoe. Therefore, you must purchase what you love and love what you purchase.

Shoe fitting and buying should not be as hectic anymore. Things are now simplified, and you know what to do next time.